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Trucker caps: Know what type to choose and how to combine them

Caps are an excellent fashion accessory, they are loved by many and hated by others. Here we tell you how to wear trucker caps, what type to choose and how to combine them following these recommendations.

Trucker caps are widely chosen by athletes, these types of caps are very comfortable, they fit perfectly to the head, allowing sports to be played without discomfort, they are breathable (they do not accumulate moisture on the head)

Basic rules for wearing trucker hats

Fans of urban style wear a trucker cap with any outfit. It is a fundamental piece in this way of dressing, it looks great with joggers, jumpsuits, jeans, skirts, even office suits and formal looks.

Although these types of caps are a very versatile accessory, you have to know when and how not to use them, the key is knowing how to combine them. And when we talk about a combination, we are not only referring to the colors, but also to the fact that it goes well with the clothes you are wearing. In addition, to see yourself with a lot of style there are some rules to wear a cap that you must put into practice, to maintain good taste:

You can wear the backwards trucker hat on casual occasions. If your style is skater, you will use it this way almost always.
Avoid hats with obscene messages and images with many shocking colors. As well as with diamonds.
Always choose the correct size. Although there are designs of oversized caps, even those models have a measure for each head.
Choose the type of cap that best suits the shape of your face.
Keep the hat from covering your eyes.

How to wear caps?

Before knowing how to wear caps, it is necessary to know the types of caps and which one is best for our face.

Caps for rectangular or elongated faces: Those who have this face shape will be well served by caps with an adjustment strap, which allows them to adapt to the shape of the head. These have an arched visor. In this way, it does not add volume to the size of the skull and it will simulate a little the elongation of the face.

Round face caps: Mostly women have this face shape. However, there are men who also have faces like this. For these cases, it is best to wear a cap with a high crown, a flat visor and an adjustable clasp.

Caps for an oval face: This is the face desired by many, as it is considered “perfect”. Not too long, not too wide, and with a normal chin. Caps with curved visors suit him perfectly, as they provide more balance to the features of the face.

Square face cap: The square face is recognized because the width of your forehead matches that of your chin. As well as having slightly prominent cheekbones and chin. For these faces the best cap is the baseball cap. Its height and shape of the visor give harmony to the square face.

When to wear caps?

The choice of outfit for each type of cap will depend on the occasion. So, knowing when to wear caps will give us an idea of how to combine it.

Men’s caps are accessories that can be worn at any time of the year. Although we believe that caps are typical of summer, in reality you can wear them even in winter. In the end, it fulfills its function at any time: to protect the head and face from inclement weather. But, more than an element in favor of our health, it is an article that marks style, trend and personality. Therefore, knowing how to use it is essential to be able to maintain the positive attention of those who look at us.

The occasion? Whenever you want to use it and go with the place where you go. It is always recommended to follow certain rules of etiquette. As irreverent as you are, always avoid wearing a hat at the table or inside places like churches or temples.

How to combine a cap?

The combination options with a cap are almost endless. Can you imagine wearing it with your outfit to go to work? The secret is to look at it as just another accessory.

To go to the beach, any cap will go well with shorts or Bermuda shorts and a cotton T-shirt.
For a movie outing you could wear a hat, a crew neck sweatshirt and jeans.
While if you go for a jog or a walk on a summer day, a cap will be more than a fashion accessory, something necessary to protect you from the sun.
A monochromatic look with black vans, black jeans, a white t-shirt, an open black shirt, and an open cap will do for any day of college.

Looks with a cap for women

You can combine a cap with leggings, a long t-shirt, a jacket and sneakers. Or, with bell-bottom jeans, a shirt and sneakers. They also look good with a sweatshirt and jeans. For a casual look, wear shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers, you could use a baseball cap with a logo, print or your favorite color.

You already know how to wear caps, what type to choose and how to combine them.

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